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Save $5000 in One Year

How to save five thousand dollars in a year

Saving money

Hey babes! I love giving budgeting tips, telling you all how to save money and providing you all with great plans and guides to follow! I wrote another article that gave advice on how to save $500 in a month which is amazing. Though when it comes to saving, I personally love longer term plans like this, gives me more wiggle when something unexpected happens and you get off track!

Also, I love the layout of this plan I made. Look at all of the budgeting tips in the Money Talks category. You have to remember to accomplish a save money plan like this you have to start at the basics. Learn about making a budget journal and how to budget.

It is amazingly crazy to me that a lot of us in our 20’s and especially other Black people like myself are first generation when it comes to learning how to budget efficiently and build good credit. I am so grateful for my Parents and Grandparents setting me up for success so that all the generations to come are taken care of.

Get money, save money lessen your stress around your financial situation!     

Save Money
Save $5,000 in one year

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  • Raylyn
    February 10, 2020 at 3:21 pm

    Wow I want to try this.. I think i just might!


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