Hi, I’m Daeja!

A lot of the time we are always looking forward to the next milestones in our lives. “I can’t wait to graduate” “I can’t wait to move” “I can’t wait until I am married with kids”. We need to live in our now, now is our best life! Right now as you read this, this is your best life because you are alive.

No more waiting until the next big moment make every moment count! This blog is meant to empower, uplift, get laughs and guide us all to live everyday intentionally. Life inspired me to write this blog. One day I just got tired of always wanting more and feeling like it wasn’t attainable.

I am only 22 but my biggest fear is to get older and look back and have all these what if’s and I wish’s when I think about my past. I love traveling, shopping, and socializing. I am super goofy, I sing a lot even though I can’t, and I dance around even though it’s not the best, I have no filter which makes things very interesting *wink wink (You’ll find out later).

I hope the funny stories, self-affirmations, delicious recipes (I am a serious foodie), budget and travel tips help! Scroll around and don’t be afraid to reach out on any of my social media platforms.

About me
Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets