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5 reasons why having small boobs is amazing

Okay this article is about reasons small boobs are amazing. Everytime I tell my friends with big boobs “omg I wish mine were bigger” they always laugh and say “Girl you can take some!!” Now if only that were possible. For us to just close our eyes hold hands… open eyes and then boom! Bigger boobs for me less for her.

Alas I have finally come to terms with my hand held, handful sized breast. I love them and here are five reasons why you should love your itty bitty titties too!

  1. We don’t have any pain associated with our boobs, since they are smaller beautiful handfuls are back doesn’t hurt because of them
  2. Backless dresses and shirts were made for us! We don’t have to worry about wearing a bra and we don’t have to worry about anything spilling out
  3. Sag away! We don’t have to worry about them sagging to hell when we are older, it will be such a small difference
  4. We don’t have to always wear a bra
  5. Us smaller chested gals don’t have to deal with men rudely looking at our breast instead of our face. Aha eye contact sir thank you!

Comment below more reasons why smaller boobs are AMAZING!
(All boobs are amazing no matter what shape or size)

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