14 creative and romantic things to do for Valentines Day

14 creative romantic and spicy things to do for Valentines Day

  1. Make a movie together
    Now if your mind went straight to thinking about all the types of movies you and your significant other could make you are not alone. Though I have many suggestions for what type of movie you and your boo thang should make. This can be creative or romantic or even both!

    Make a cute Triller video together at some point in the day. In public or at home just have fun!

    Make a cute video of each other, do this every year and in 5-10 yeas you’ll have an amazing little show, watching ya’ll grow through the years. Put a creative spin on this make it fun, make it cute

  2. Take a Class Together
    When I use to live in Charlotte, NC there was this cute candle bar, you would sign up and make your own candle choose your own scent and it was $40. Look up different classes you both would enjoy. Sign up for Paint & Sip, Pottery, anything have fun with it!
  3. Write Romatical letter!!
    The night before or sometime before valentines both sit down together be cuddled up make it cute, and write your letter for each other together. Give it to each other in the morning before your Valentines Day starts!
  4. Make a ‘Date Bucket List
    Write down 6 things you both want to do together, and do one thing off of the list every month. Keep the romantic and creative mood up for months after Valentines Day
  5. Cook a Boujie meal together !!
    Dress up and cook a meal together! You can make it sexy, creative, romantic right at home. Ladies put on that one dress (we all have) that is super cute but way shorter or way more revealing than you thought it was. Pull that thang out! Now is the time honey!
  6. Make Coupons for each other
    I love doing this for my boyfriend, make cute coupons like the ones below, be creative make it personable
    “Ice cream date on me” “You get to pick what we watch”
    “I say yes for a whole day” “Movie date on me”
  7. Give each other massages
    This is a great way to take your time and appreciate your person in a sensual romantic way, buy some essential oils to make moment that much more memorable! If you don’t know how to give a good massage there are great massages Google or Youtube.
  8. Make Decisions for each other
    For the whole day pick out each other’s meals, drinks, what the person wears etc. What a cute way to connect. Choose things you have always wanted them to try or have them put on something you love seeing them in. This a cute way to connect and have a little spontaneous fun
  9. Go to Dave n Busters or another adult arcade
    Get some drinks and some food and have playful competition! Win a prize for your boo too!
  10. Take a Romantic Bath
    Fill the Bath with some warm water and your favorite flower petals or your favorite bath bomb or essential oil and relax in the arms of your love, don’t forget the music and candles. A vibe darling.
  11. Have a Couples Wine & Cheese Night
    Invite your favorite couple friends and have everyone bring their favorite bottles of wine and cheeses that pair well with it, I am personally not a fan of cheese at all but my boyfriend and his family have exposed me to some cheese that was pretty good.
  12. Plan a get away
    Plan a night away at a fancy hotel in the city, grab some wine or make some reservations at a restaurant close by.
  13. Send them a song that makes you think about them
    Either a funny, or romantic, or sensual song that makes you think about them, watch the smile that follows as they listen to the lyrics and think about you too!
  14. Role Play *wink wink* *shove*
    if role play and wink wink being in the same sentence didn’t give you a big enough hint I guess I’ll spell it out! Get a drink (if you are 21 and up course) get a little tipsy and role play with bae in the bedroom! Or just have fun without drinks and have a wonderful happy Valentines Day

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