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10 Tips to saving a lot of money fast

Boujie on a Budget

These budget tips are for all my lovely ladies born who feel who just so happen to have expensive taste and big dreams. We were born to be fabulous with way more money than what we currently have! Born not to worry about the small things in life like money bleh!

We were put here to conquer, dream, travel, self-reflect and re-brand our stylish ways on a whim am I right! But! Alas here we are penny pinching anyway. Have no fear though, I am here! My Boujie on a Budget tips will save you money, energy, stress, time and let you live the life you dreamed in the most realistic way possible. The 10 tips to saving money fast is just the foundation of being able to save a lot of money. After reading these 10 tips check out my budget journal and see what I did to save $500 a month for three months.

For most of us, we will probably always have to be money conscious, but that is okay. Pick a budget and a savings plan that works for you and life will be grand. These plans are not for the weak. You have to be determined to get that lifestyle you have always wanted, and be ready to sacrifice in your younger years so that it pays off in the future. Above all think BIGGER Picture. Scroll through my collection of Tips and Tricks to be able to have the money to travel and shop and get things you want. After reading the 10 tips to saving money fast check out my article on how to save $5000 in one year!

Do not save what is left after spending , but spend what is left after saving.

Warren Buffett

10 Tips to saving money fast

  1. Budget (obviously).
  2. Save more than you spend.
    Even if you only have enough to set aside for bills and yourself, that is still saving! When you can set aside money in your savings do it. That way if an emergency arises you are not using money set aside for bills. We all know how much that sets us all back.
     (Getting a flat tire gives me nightmares. This has been my biggest savings/bill snatcher in my pre budgeting days)
  3. Don’t live above your means
  4. Set Goals
    If you know you are going on a trip budget that in. how much is the total cost of the trip? How long do you have until you go? Break the payments up into manageable pieces. If you want to save $500 in a month or $5000 in a year, budget out how you can make that happen without breaking the bank.
  5. Buy a journal and turn it into your Budget Journal
  6. Stick to your budget!
  7. Budget 2-3 months in advance just to get an idea of how realistic your goal is. This is the time to budget in possible trips, shopping sprees, etc.
  8. If you get off budget or if something comes up, it happens, just pop open your journal and edit your plan. Knowing that you are financially stable or, will be if you aren’t at the moment, is an amazing feeling
  9. Always set some leftover money aside for the next month’s bills. Doing this over time will leave you never having to worry about if you have enough money to pay your bills. If you do this tip correctly, you won’t have to dip into your savings or money set aside for you ever again.
  10. Open another Checking account!!!!!
    One checking account for all the Bills you have to pay, and the other is the spending money you have and then of course your savings. This is awesome because it allows you to separate your ‘leftover money’ from your bills. Making it much easier to see how much you really have to yourself after the bills are paid. Most banks just require you to open the second checking account with a minimum of $25

Budgeting efficiently can increase quality of life dramatically! Save to go on trips and make memories without breaking the bank


Check out How to save $5000 in a year!

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